Over the last month we have welcomed two new Australian arrivals here at BCA Zoo.

Firstly we would like to introduce our new female Brush-tailed Possum Mittens. She has moved into her new enclosure next door to our male Wallace and the pair have already been caught canoodling at the fence line. She was named after Alfred Russel Wallace’s wife Annie Mittens (Wallace did a lot of work with Charles Darwin and based lots of his field studies on areas in Australia where possums would be found in the wild).

Secondly we have also added a new species to the zoo our Rufous Bettong called Betty. These small marsupials are found throughout the East coast region of Australia.  Their most noticeable feature is their two large hind legs which are used for hopping about giving them their other name the Rufous Rat Kangaroo.

Both animals arrived from Hamerton Zoo and are quite rare in zoo’s throughout the UK.