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MINI Primate Encounters

Our Primate Encounters are back but please make sure you read the following information carefully before booking as there are some changes!

Get up close and personal with some of your closest relatives, meeting and feeding the cheeky primates that live here at BCA. Your experience will begin with a group guided tour, popping by to say hello to all our inhabitants. Once the Tour has finished you will remain in the Zoo to say hello to one of our charismatic primates. Please arrive 5 minutes before the start of your encounter time.


If you have booked to see our three critically endangered Cotton Top Tamarins or our troop of cheeky Squirrel monkeys you will start in the kitchen helping to prepare a tasty snack before heading into their enclosure to hand feed them. This encounter is suitable for 7 years + to meet the Cotton Top Tamarins and Squirrel Monkeys.


If you book to meet our Ring-Tailed Lemurs you will be unable to go into their enclosure but we will prepare some fun enrichment for them and then head over to their enclosure to feed them some tasty veg chips through their fence line before watching them explore their new toys you’ve prepared. This encounter is suitable for 5 years + to meet the Lemurs.

Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Adult and Child tickets include the cost of 1 free spectator. Additional spectators may book by joining the public Zoo Tour and will be allowed to stay to watch the encounter. Please check availability at

This encounter will last approximately 75 minutes including the Zoo Tour.

Sturdy closed-toe shoes must be worn to take part in this encounter and participants will need to wear non latex gloves. As primates are susceptible to catching human colds anyone showing any cold or flu like symptoms will not be able to take part. A full refund or date change will be offered if you notify us up to an hour in advance.

You are welcome to bring cameras with you to take photos however BCA accepts no liability for damage to goods.

We recommend ensuring you are up to date with your tetanus vaccinations before taking part in an animal encounter. It is your responsibility to check you are happy with the vaccination status of anyone in your party.

T&C’s apply.

Photos by Dan Tsantilis