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Little Fireface Project

ABOUT The little fireface project

The Little Fireface Project (LFP), headed by Professor Anna Nekaris, studies the ecology of the slow and slender lorises and contributes wherever possible to the conservation and ecology of loris species throughout their range. The project’s scope of research is widespread encompassing behavioural ecology, museum studies, genetics, acoustics, taxonomy, conservation education and chemical ecology.

The LFP team also conducts evaluated outreach and education programmes for local communities to get them to join the conservation movement. Their mission is to obtain vital data about all loris species to contribute to their conservation in the wild and in captivity, including aiding rescue centres in reintroductions and aiding in the welfare of slow loris pets in countries where it is still legal to keep them. They intensively use, monitor and evaluate social media to inform the public worldwide about the plight of slow lorises to mitigate their trade.

LFP began under the remit of the Nocturnal Primate Research Group at Oxford Brookes University, UK in 1994, and became an independent project in 2011. Their work covers all lorises, including the African pottos and angwantibos, and Asia’s slender and slow lorises. LFP has since named seven new species, and have studied six species of loris for a year or more in the wild, contributing novel data on diet, habitat use, social organisation and population status.


The Pygmy Slow Loris housed at BCA Zoo is part of a managed European Endangered Species Programme (EEP) but it also acts as our ambassador for the Little Fireface Project. Our Loris is now to old to be considered as a suitable breeding animal but we do hope to get a young pair of Pygmy Slow Loris at the zoo in the near future.

We have dedicated one of our family zoo days to raise awareness of the LFP and to also raise some much-needed funds by putting on a variety of public activities that help to highlight the problems that these nocturnal primates are encountering in their natural homes.

How can you help?

To find out more about the Little Fireface Project and donate, then please click here.

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Tickets for March and April will be released on the afternoon of the 25th of January.